bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली

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A touching heartfelt tribute message In Marathi, there is a lot of sadness in life, when people who are in our hearts leave us and never go back, never feel bad again, no matter what the mind is and stop the water in their eyes. Not coming.

As beautiful as life really is, it’s just as bad. Feeling that our loved ones should never forsake us but beyond nature, destiny has nothing going on, for whoever is born is death. You should live these four days with great joy.

We should never hate others in our lives. You have to love your life and the lives of others, live a truly good person. Today in this post we have brought some passionate tribute messages to Shradhanjali Messages in Marathi which you will definitely like.

bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner

कष्टातून संसार फुलविला
उरली नाही साथ आम्हाला,
आठवण येते
क्षणा क्षणाला आज ही
तुमची वाट पाहतो यावे
पुन्हा जन्माला.
भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली…!!

bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner

आपल्या वाल्यांनीच
केला घात,
सार्‍यांनीच रचला कट,
ना दिली कुणी साथ,
ना यावी अशी
पुन्हा पहाट…
भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली…!!!

bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner

kharach tuzya aathavanina
kuthalich toad nahi,
tuzya aathavani jharya
itaki tar sakharahi
god nahi….
bhavapurn shradhanjali…!!!

bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner
bhavpurna shradhanjali in marathi banner भावपूर्ण श्रद्धांजली

खरोखर ही खूप वाईट घटना आहे. एवढ्या कमी वयात याचे जाणे खूपच दुःखदायक आहे. यांच्या परिवाराला यांची आठवण नेहमीच येत राहील. माझी विनम्र श्रांधजली

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